20151106_100715(0)Question & Answer with our principal

Question: What is your philosophy on education? 

Kids have potential, they need to be given an environment where they can thrive, and that takes an extraordinarily dedicated staff. We don’t want to simply fill kid’s head, we want to also form them as individuals.

Question: What sets our twinned parish school apart? 

The parents, staff, and Father Miller definitely set St. Joseph Catholic School apart from other schools. We all share a sense of camaraderie, striving toward the same goals for academic and spiritual growth. We work together to create a safe and educationally sound environment for all students, so each student can reach his/her full potential. By targeting the unique learning styles of each student, we use differentiated instruction to cultivate success for everyone.

Question: What would you say to parents whose children are currently in public schools? 

Although there is nothing wrong with public schools, Catholic schools are truly “Different by Design.” We are keenly aware that each student is extraordinary, and we aim to change every student’s life through faith and academic excellence. We are determined to make a difference in students’ lives, so they will have the power to make a difference in the world.

Question: What is the most significant change that you’ve made since you started? 

We have had quite a few changes this year; however, a couple of changes have been significant. We now have rotating classes in the upper grades. This is a viable way to not only foster student independence, but it is also an excellent way to prepare students for high school. Additionally, we adopted a new math curriculum to support our journey for academic excellence. The new curriculum promotes hands-on learning, as well as critical thinking skills which will extend well beyond the math class.

Question: What are your goals for the rest of this year? 

Our prime goal for the rest of the year is to analyze and evaluate each part of our curriculum. Both the staff and I know that our twinned parish school is not a school that just “maintains” the status quo. We will continue to pursue academic excellence through a foundation of faith. By analyzing our needs, we can make changes that invest in our students’ growth.


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